24. November 2023

Hotel Management and Technology: How Hotel Vitar improved its hotel operations with Sweeply

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Case Study: Hotel Vitar & Sweeply

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The Challenge

Before implementing Sweeply, Hotel Vitar faced several challenges in managing their housekeeping and maintenance services. Communication within the team was not as seamless as desired, and the need for frequent check-ins, phone calls, and messages often interrupted the workflow. Additionally, maintenance reporting relied on written descriptions, leading to inefficiencies and potential miscommunications.

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The Sweeply Solution

"I truly appreciate the simplicity of Sweeply. It doesn't overwhelm users with unnecessary options, making it a practical tool for our daily operations. It's a tool that we use while working, and we find that simplicity is key to its effectiveness." - says Ivana Bakovic - Owner & General Manager 

Hotel Vitar recognized the need for a more smooth and user-friendly solution. In April 2023, they adopted Sweeply, a decision driven by its affordability and user-friendly interface. The integration between Sweeply and Rentlio, their property management system, proved to be a game-changer.

Seamless Integration

The integration between Sweeply and Rentlio proved to be a game-changer. Hotel Vitar was able to effortlessly import property data from Rentlio into Sweeply, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This integration provided the hotel with a unified platform for housekeeping and maintenance operations, saving time and ensuring information consistency.

Efficient Communication

Sweeply addressed the communication challenges that Hotel Vitar had previously faced. It provided housekeeping and maintenance teams with a centralized platform to gain task overviews, eliminating the need for disruptive check-ins and constant messages. Maintenance reporting became more efficient, as staff could easily document situations using photos rather than lengthy written reports.

User-Friendly Adoption

What set Sweeply apart was its user-friendly design. It was embraced by the entire team, including those who weren't particularly tech-savvy. Whether it was fulfilling a guest's request or addressing a maintenance issue, Sweeply's notes feature facilitated communication between the front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance departments.

Tangible Benefits

The adoption of Sweeply resulted in measurable benefits for Hotel Vitar. Operations became more efficient and responsive, directly contributing to improved guest satisfaction. Even though the hotel had already maintained a high standard of service, Sweeply further elevated their overall guest experience.


Sweeply has been indispensable to Hotel Vitar's operations, simplifying communication, enhancing efficiency, and ultimately improving the guest experience. Ivana and her team appreciate the tool's user-centric design and value its role as a practical tool in their daily operations. The support team's responsiveness, even during holidays and weekends, ensured that all issues were promptly resolved.

Ivana highlighted the tool's efficiency and simplicity, which she believed could benefit many in the industry.

About Ivana Bakovic: Ivana, the Owner and Manager of Lifestyle Hotel Vitar, found her calling in hospitality from the early days of working as a receptionist in her family's apartment rental agency. Progressing through roles, she advanced to overseeing the reception and booking departments. Her unwavering passion for the industry culminated in the realization of a lifelong dream - owning and managing a small luxury hotel. At Lifestyle Hotel Vitar, Ivana seamlessly weaves together years of experience, creating an exquisite haven where her dedication to hospitality shines through, providing guests with unparalleled experiences.

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