Optional housekeeping

Flexible housekeeping policies result in less workload, waste & carbon footprint

Travelers are more environmentally conscious


Guests want flexibility and privacy

Offer guests choice and control in housekeeping

The new generation of travelers is more environmentally conscious.

The majority of guests don't want everyday housekeeping.

More than 20% of guests prefer no housekeeping at all.

Guests prefer choice and control.

Optimize your housekeeping policies

Flexible policies benefit all

Guests get the services they want.

Less workload for staff.

Less waste in plastics, chemicals, trips to the utility room, etc.

More sustainable practices 🪴


Choice and control for your guests

Connect guests with your staff

Special Guest page for each reservation.

The Guest page is accessible pre-arrival with a unique link.

In-stay guests can use QR codes in their rooms and lobby.

Guests can select their housekeeping plan and make other requests.

Staff receives a notification when guests make a request.

Add-on to Optional housekeeping

Skip housekeeping and plant a tree

Hotels for Trees plants a tree for you

The guest is informed about the benefits of skipping housekeeping.

The guest decides when he wants to skip daily housekeeping.

A tree is planted if the guest skips housekeeping 🌳

Automatically synchronizes with Hotel for Trees.

Learn more about Hotels for Trees


Reports to understand the result

Understand the impact of your housekeeping policies

Understand how much workload you are saving.

Use reports to plan staff schedules.

Understand the effect on your carbon footprint.


Rethink your hospitality operations

Sweeply simplifies housekeeping and task management for your staff.

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