12. December 2023

Press: Sweeply and Hotels for Trees collaborate to redefine Sustainability in Hospitality


Press Release

Sweeply and Hotels for Trees collaborate to redefine Sustainability in Hospitality

[Reykjavík, Iceland], 13 December 2023

Sweeply, a leading innovator in housekeeping and task management solutions for the hospitality sector, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Hotels for Trees, an eco-conscious initiative dedicated to global reforestation efforts. This collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in fostering sustainability within the hospitality industry.

With a presence in over 12 countries and serving more than 150 clients, Sweeply is an industry specialist in housekeeping and task management. Hotels for Trees, founded in 2021 by industry veterans Linde Borger and Floris Licht, is committed to counteracting the hospitality sector's environmental impact by planting trees for every stayover room cleaning skipped in collaboration with the Dutch foundation Trees For All. This collaboration has so far resulted in the planting of over 250.000 trees globally, effectively offsetting CO2 emissions and supporting diverse reforestation projects worldwide.

Linde Borger, Chief Tree Planting Officer at Hotels for Trees, expresses great enthusiasm for the partnership: "We're excited to collaborate with Sweeply, aligning our shared vision of sustainability. This partnership goes beyond planting trees; it emphasizes the vital connection between sustainability, operational efficiency, digitalization and guest engagement."

Sweeply CEO Petur Orri Saemundsen also highlights the innovative aspect of this collaboration: "In forging this alliance with Hotels for Trees, Sweeply is advancing beyond conventional boundaries to pursue sustainable hospitality. This collaboration signifies a purposeful step, merging operational efficiency and technology with environmental commitment."

As part of this partnership, Sweeply has pledged to fund 100 trees at the start of their collaboration and an additional 25 trees each month. Sweeply's optional housekeeping feature empowers guests to choose to opt out of daily housekeeping upon their arrival at the hotel. For every declined housekeeping service, a tree will be planted, contributing to Hotels for Trees’ ambitious goal of planting at least 1 million trees annually by 2025.

Central to the core offerings of Sweeply and Hotel for Trees is a comprehensive system designed to synchronize staff workflows, harness user-friendly software, and elevate guest messaging. This integrated approach represents a collective effort to provide practical solutions for hotel partners committed to advancing the shared mission of creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly world for their guests. By seamlessly aligning staff procedures, optimizing software interfaces, and refining guest communication channels, this holistic system empowers hoteliers to not only enhance operational efficiency but also to contribute meaningfully to environmental sustainability. Through the synergy of these three key components, Sweeply and Hotel for Trees aim to support their partners in delivering an elevated and eco-conscious hospitality experience that resonates with the values of today's environmentally conscious travellers.

"Our partnership isn't just about planting trees; it's a strategic move toward shaping the future landscape of the hospitality sector," continued Saemundsen. "Together, we're charting a course that redefines guest experience, environmental impact, and the very essence of responsible business practices in our industry."

Sweeply's decision to partner with Hotels for Trees stems from a commitment to a comprehensive tree-planting strategy. Unlike many other initiatives, Hotels for Trees plants actual trees instead of seeds and ensures the ongoing growth and integration of each planted tree into the local ecosystem. This aligns perfectly with Sweeply's mission, emphasizing sustainability across operational efficiency, guest choices, and environmental impact.

"We are proud to collaborate with Hotels for Trees, bridging sustainability and operational excellence in the hospitality industry," said Petur Orri Saemundsen, CEO at Sweeply. "Our partnership signifies a shared dedication to fostering sustainability at every level, empowering both our clients and their guests to make environmentally conscious choices."

For more information about Sweeply and its partnership with Hotels for Trees, please contact Petur Orri Saemundsen at petur@getsweeply.com

About Sweeply:

Sweeply simplifies housekeeping and task management for the hospitality industry and provides less workload, waste & carbon footprint. Currently serving over 150 clients across 12 countries, Sweeply offers a cutting-edge app & web app tailored to elevate the efficiency of your housekeeping, guest services, and maintenance teams. With dynamic task management and real-time housekeeping capabilities, the platform enhances department communication, fostering a seamless workflow. www.getsweeply.com 

About Hotels for Trees:

The Hotels for Trees Foundation contributes directly to a greener hotel world. A hotel world in which one new tree is planted each time a guest chooses to skip the daily room cleaning. The impact of this green choice can already be seen on the Hotels for Trees website the very next day and directly contributes to (re-)forestation projects of partner Trees for All across the globe. https://hotelsfortrees.com/ 

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