7. February 2024

Decoding the 70% skipped Housekeeping at Íslandshótel with Sweeply Optional Housekeeping


In this case study, we spoke with Hjörtur Valgeirsson, Chief Operations Officer at Íslandshótel, an Icelandic chain of 18 properties ranging from 3 to 4 stars, who faced the challenge of managing cross-departmental operations more efficiently.

In the fast-paced environment of Hospitality, where housekeeping and maintenance are the everyday heroes, tackling the untidy aftermath of guests and mending the creaks and leaks behind the scenes, managing operational tasks without technology can be an absolute nightmare. 

In this case study, we spoke with Hjörtur Valgeirsson, Chief Operations Officer at Íslandshótel, an Icelandic chain of 18 properties ranging from 3 to 4 stars, who faced the challenge of managing cross-departmental operations more efficiently.

We dive into the essential role of technology in hospitality with Sweeply, uncovering its ability to not only save precious time and improve communication among staff members but also to introduce a transformative element – the implementation of the optional housekeeping policy. This goes beyond mere technological advancement; it represents a strategic leap towards a more sustainable and guest-centric future in hospitality. 

Boost your hotel staff efficiency by enhancing cross-department communication 

Before embracing Sweeply, Íslandshótel juggled between Trello for maintenance, Slack, and their PMS system for reception, which showcases challenges because of the need to manage diverse tools. However, a shift occurred in May 2023 when Sweeply entered the scene, sparking quite a change in how Íslandshótel tackled their daily operations.

The Sweeply Housekeeping dashboard and Task Management view emerged as great products in this transformative journey. Sweeply not only saved crucial time and eliminated redundant tasks but also became a versatile tool, offering a comprehensive overview of daily and monthly activities. Notably, it allowed the hotels to maintain a historical record of past days, providing managers with a more data-driven decision-making approach. 

Staff engagement with Sweeply significantly impacted workflow, fostering efficiency, cohesion, and communication at the hotels:

"The introduction of Sweeply has lightened our workload, bringing genuine satisfaction and joy to our staff. Our housekeepers no longer find themselves racing between floors or tied to the reception phone. With Sweeply's user-friendly features, valuable minutes are saved each day. Adding a colour-coded work overview has simplified communication between our housekeeping team and their managers, making collaboration smoother than ever." says Hjörtur. 

Optional Housekeeping and the Green Choice in Hospitality

The adoption of Sweeply brought another major shift with the innovative policy of optional housekeeping, allowing guests to choose whether they require daily housekeeping. This green choice not only aligns with the growing trend of sustainable hospitality practices but also addresses the evolving preferences of guests who, on average, between June and December 2023 were skipping housekeeping in 70% of cases across all 18 hotels.

The onboarding phase, a critical period in any implementation, proceeded smoothly with the invaluable support of Frans and Brynja from Sweeply. Their direct involvement and guidance laid a solid foundation for the staff, ensuring a successful integration process: “Our cooperation has been very successful. Email and phone calls have always been responded to and problem resolved with short notice”,  confirms Hjörtur. 

It was primordial to ensure a successful transition with thorough training and consistent support for the staff. A carefully crafted training course was implemented to empower the team with the necessary skills and knowledge. Sweeply took the lead in training hotel supervisors, who subsequently played a crucial role in training their housekeeping staff. 

And just like that - in 5 weeks, Sweeply seamlessly onboarded all 18 Íslandshótel properties, revolutionizing their approach to operational efficiency, showing Sweeply's team adaptability and commitment to delivering results efficiently.

The positive outcomes of change 

Íslandshótel witnessed a tangible Return on Investment in just four months, saving 6,400 hours. 

By reducing resource consumption, meeting guest preferences, and optimizing operations, Íslandshótel exemplifies how a sustainable approach can enhance both guest satisfaction and operational efficiency:

    Happier Guests: The 70% skipped housekeeping metric indicates a shift in guest preferences, showcasing that guests appreciate the flexibility of choosing when they need housekeeping.

    Less work overload for Staff: With reduced daily housekeeping requirements, staff experience a more manageable workload, contributing to improved job satisfaction and efficiency.

    Cost savings through reduced inventory usage: The reduction in daily housekeeping directly translates to less inventory usage, leading to tangible cost savings for Íslandshótel.

    A more environmentally sustainable Hotel: By aligning with guests' preferences and reducing unnecessary housekeeping, Íslandshótel is actively contributing to environmental sustainability, a crucial aspect of modern hospitality.

According to Hjörtur, “Sweeply's adaptability to the unique needs and preferences of Íslandshótel has been noteworthy, seamlessly aligning with change management initiatives. This flexibility underscores the success and positive impact of integrating Sweeply into the hotels' operations.” 


In conclusion, Íslandshótel's transformative journey with Sweeply showcases the profound impact of technology and staff on enhancing both guest experience and operational efficiency. 

Introducing the opt-in housekeeping feature has brought notable positive results for Íslandshótel and set a precedent for a greener and more guest-centric hospitality industry. 

Interested in having a Sweeply demo and seeing how you can benefit from better workflows? Book a call with our team: https://getsweeply.com/

About Íslandshótel

Íslandshótel is a distinguished chain of 18 hotels offering a range of 3 to 4-star accommodations. With a commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences, Íslandshótel is known for its diverse portfolio of properties, each tailored to meet the distinct preferences of its clientele. https://www.islandshotel.is/ 

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