20. June 2023

Optimizing Operational Efficiency: The Transformative Impact of Rentlio and Sweeply Partnership


In the fast-paced world of hospitality, Hoteliers, Property Managers, and Vacation Rental Owners face unique challenges and pains when it comes to managing their properties. From ensuring smooth operations to optimizing Housekeeping and Maintenance efficiency, every aspect of the business demands attention. That's why Rentlio, a cutting-edge cloud-based vacation rental software, and property management application helps manage your hotel, hostel, or other rental property seamlessly.

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Thanks to statistical data and analytics functionalities, Rentlio makes it easier for renters, property managers, and hoteliers to make strategic business decisions. The ability to quickly and easily access weekly, monthly, and annual reports in real-time saves time and enables transparent and clear insight into business performance.


Why Rentlio is the Game-Changer for Hoteliers and Property Managers

Rentlio stands out for its simplicity, power, and unwavering commitment to customer support. It offers a seamless user experience, ensuring ease of use, reliability, and utmost safety. The result? Hoteliers, property managers, and vacation rental owners wholeheartedly recommend Rentlio as their go-to solution.

''Choosing the right software allowed us to save time, focus on sales and improve different aspects of our business.”

Marko Stolica, Heritage Hotel Antique Split

“Satisfied guests go hand in hand with great technology. With Rentlio we save at least 10min per each reservation received.”

Patricija Stipčević owner, Apartments Lavandula

With an easy-to-use Property Management System (PMS) that consistently evolves and a reliable Channel Manager, Rentlio provides the backbone for efficient operations. On top of that, its mobile app puts you in complete control of your hotel, no matter where you are. By leveraging Rentlio, you can enhance your brand reputation and property portfolio, enabling Managers and deskless staff to focus on delivering an unparalleled guest experience and exceptional service. 

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Rentlio & Sweeply for flawless guest experiences

Hoteliers and Property Managers unlock a range of benefits that positively impact both guest satisfaction and operational excellence. Firstly, this integration enables real-time communication between guest-facing staff, housekeeping teams, and management, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page. Updates on room status, guest requests, and maintenance needs can be instantly relayed, eliminating delays and minimizing miscommunications.

"Utilising Sweeply in conjunction with our Rentlio PMS has revolutionised our operational efficiency at Hotel Vitar. The ease of integration and the powerful tools Sweeply provides have made a world of difference to our housekeeping and maintenance teams. If you're in search of a solution that truly understands the demands of the hospitality industry, I can't recommend Sweeply highly enough." 

Ivana Bakovic, Hotel Vitar Management

Efficiency and productivity are crucial factors in delivering exceptional guest experiences. By optimizing housekeeping operations, hospitality businesses can ensure that guest rooms are cleaned promptly and thoroughly, creating a positive and comfortable environment for guests to enjoy. Moreover, effective staff management plays a crucial role in maintaining staff morale and reducing turnover. When deskless staff has clear processes, proper training, and access to the right tools and resources, their job becomes more manageable and satisfying. This, in turn, leads to higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, and, ultimately, improved guest satisfaction.

Moreover, the partnership between Renltio makes sense on many levels. Both companies share the same values and vision of tech enablement for hospitality businesses and an unwavering dedication to customer success.

Marko Mišulić, CEO at Rentlio says "We are delighted to have partnered with a company like Sweeply. Integrating our products will provide added value to users on both sides, which is a big step towards delivering a superior experience to guests and modern hoteliers. In addition, the partnership will open doors for us and Sweeply in markets where we have not had a presence until now. We look forward to future cooperation, which we are sure will significantly contribute to the digitalization of the hospitality industry."

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